Dyslexia And Teacher Effectiveness

Dyslexia And Teacher Effectiveness
Shouldn’t my child’s teacher be able to tell me that my child struggling to learn and may require testing for dyslexia?

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Starting school is a huge life changing event for any child. As parents, we fully anticipate that when we send our child off to school they will learn to recognise numbers and alphabet letters, and within the first 12 months or even less, start to string letters together into simple identifiable words…… But, what happens when this doesn’t happen for our child? When should we be told there may be a learning problem? At what stage is further investigation carried out? Who is responsible for telling us that our child is falling behind, is not learning at the same rate at their classmates and that they may have dyslexia?

As parents these questions can cause us great distress. We worry that there is something seriously wrong when our child does not learn at the same rate as their peers. Who is responsible for ensuring our child does not fall through the gaps of the education system?

This eBook will help you to understand the role and responsibilities of teachers, their training and knowledge when it comes to dyslexia. It will explain why children with dyslexia continue to fall through the gaps and what needs to happen to ensure this doesn’t continue to occur in the future.

Children can struggle to learn at school for a variety of reasons, with differing developmental rates, we also have to consider our child’s rate of cognitive and physical development, their maturity, their ability to listen to instructions and complete class tasks. Every child is different and teachers know this all too well.

If you are wondering what is happening in your child’s school and what needs to happen to indicate to you whether your child is dyslexic or not, this eBook will help you.

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Inside you will find topics including:

  • Are our teachers effective?
  • Teacher training in Language Arts
  • How to identify a child at risk
  • Why we need to lobby for educational change
  • Screening tests to identify a learning disability
  • Teacher opinion versus fact
  • Reasons why a child may be failing to learn
  • The many factors affecting teacher effectiveness
  • Children’s strategies to hide a learning disability
  • Why you need to arrange a professional diagnosis for your child

“It is extremely detrimental for children with dyslexia to experience failure with learning for longer than is necessary. By today’s standards it is possible to reliably identify boys and girls at risk of dyslexia before they fall behind.”

Feeling worried about school and uncertain about your child’s future is normal when you discover that they may be experiencing a learning difficulty. It is important to remember however, that you know your child best. This eBooks will give you the confidence to follow your intuition, speak to teachers, seek out experts, keep things in perspective, and use your time and money wisely to support your child.

Whether this book represents your ongoing quest to learn more about your child’s needs and support them or you feel it is time to go and speak to teachers about your child and your concerns over their learning, it is sure to be an eBook that you turn to again and again. Best of all it’s absolutely FREE!


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Dyslexia Daily is proud to offer parents and teachers support to assist a child who may be struggling at school due to a learning difficulty such as dyslexia.

Having you on their team is really what matters to your struggling child. It will make them feel more confident and more capable to deal with their ongoing struggle at school. This Free eBook is our gift to you to get started on that journey.

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This ebook is a culmination of years of research, in particular working with and helping 1,000’s of families with dyslexia. Making this a very practical book, that will help you take control of your future, with strategies you can use straight away.

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