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Dyslexia Testing and Assesments

Dyslexia Daily Dyslexia Forum Dyslexia Testing and Assessments Dyslexia Testing and Assesments

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    Liz Dunoon

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    Hi I’m new to this site. My Question is this, I have noticed my daughter having a lot of difficulty at school from when she started Pre-School to now. She has repeated grade 2 twice and is currently repeating grade four, yet she is on a modified program because she is still only just able to read grade one level. She has extreme difficulty with writing. She has had tests done but the results make no sense to me what so ever. I’m told verbally that she has a learning disorder but no-one will put it in writing and give me a definitive diagnosis. The results of her tests indicate further testing is required but no-one wants to do them. I really need help in regards to who she should see about this and what tests should she be having done to get a diagnosis. My problem is I have to rely on the government departments to do it as I am currently unemployed due to my daughters issues. At the moment her school is aware of the problem and is trying to sort it out but between them and our government departments that deal with this stuff I keep getting shunted from one back to the other with no-one wanting to accept responsibility for the testing. To shock you even more this has been going on with my daughter since she was first enrolled in daycare, where she had trouble communicating she is now 11 going on to 12. I’m tired of feeling like I’m hitting a brick wall regarding answers, this has been going on for approximately 8 years. Can this site help me if not can you tell me who and where can.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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