Is my child dyslexic?

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FREE: Is My Child Dyslexic? From Dyslexia Daily:
Is My Child Dyslexic? I Think They Might Be. How Can I Tell?

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There’s nothing more worrying than having a child who is struggling at school. As loving parents and supportive teachers we look for legitimate reasons and seek solutions to understand the struggling learner so we can support them accordingly.
If you have been searching the internet for advice to assist a struggling learner – you’ll find this information invaluable. Topics covered in this eBook include:

  • How can I tell if my child has dyslexia or if it’s something else?
  • How many people have dyslexia?
  • Why boys and girls exhibit learning difficulties differently.
  • Dyslexia indicators for pre-school, primary and secondary School.
  • Why parents need to follow their intuition.
  • Why parents are the key to their child’s success.
  • How to deal with feelings of parental guilt.

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An intelligent child who is beginning to struggle at school is invariably beginning to experience confusion, worry, frustration and anxiety. If this goes unchecked behavioural issues can begin to occur. Use this eBook to educate yourself as to how to identify a child who is struggling at school for legitimate reasons.

This eBook provides a complete list of dyslexia indicators for children of all ages that can be used when observing a struggling learner to identify their areas of strength and weakness. It is important to understand that children who are diagnosed with dyslexia are an intelligent as all other children and the faster appropriate support is provided the better the outcome for the child will be.

Whether this eBook represents the beginning of your dyslexia education or becomes a checklist that you utilise, it is sure to become an educational resource you turn to again and again. Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE!

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FREE: Is My Child Dyslexic? From Dyslexia Daily: I Think They Might Be. How Can I Tell?

This ebook is a culmination of years of research, in particular working with and helping 1,000’s of families with dyslexia. Making this a very practical book, that will help you take control of your future, with strategies you can use straight away.

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