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’Use coupon code ‘DD1610’ for a 10% discount’

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’Use coupon code ‘DD1610’ for a 10% discount’
’Use coupon code ‘DD1610’ for a 10% discount’
Why Choose Nessy?

Nessy is an online research based animated software that teaches reading, spelling and writing skills and is proven to close the attainment gap. Available in both UK and US English, Nessy is used in over 10,000

and many homes worldwide.

Nessy works for children of all abilities and especially those children with learning difficulties or dyslexia that require extra support in a fun, entertaining format to help them to catch up at school.

“It was more extensive and inclusive than any other product I purchased and responsible for 100% of our reading success.”
Gail Camenzind

Recommended for Age Groups

Grade Levels 1 – 6
Recommended for children 5 – 11 years

Packed with interactive content guaranteed to motivate… Nessy Reading features…
  • A series of 100 lessons divided over 10 animated islands, which systematically build upon each other in the development of core reading skills, all while applying the proven methods of Orton Gillingham principles.
  • Strengthens phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills
  • 45 fun animated reading strategies
  • 74 delightful animated phonemes
  • 52 effective animated memory strategies for words and spelling
  • 58 multi-sensory animated prefixes and suffixes
  • Offers 1000’s of printable worksheets
“Nessy has proved a wonderful resource, and has enabled the island to become dyslexia friendly.”
Wendy Hurford MBE Director of Special Education for Jersey
This program can be completed
  • Online
For those who prefer British English watch this video below

Nessy Reading Spelling has been developed by a team of specialist teachers and psychologists to help children with dyslexia and reading difficulties.
For those who prefer US English watch this video below

“Let everyone know that I think Nessy is wonderful! We have used it in so many ways! The kids love it because of the games and funny characters! They actually don’t realise they are learning.”
Christy Harrison


Suitable for devices including

Windows PC or Apple Mac. Broadband internet connection

Latest browser (Chrome recommended)

Full tablet accessibility coming July 2015

Recommended student time commitment

2-5 sessions per week – The more the better really.

“Nessy really has made a huge difference. It is easily understood and teaches through understanding, fun, concrete methods. The games are fantastic for learning. I love it!”
Julian Swindale, Class teacher, Sefton Park Infant School
Why Nessy is such an effective Reading and Spelling tool for teachers and parents
  1. Assessment Tools: Inbuilt assessments align learning targets for each student’s reading level. In addition, reporting delivers performance data and analysis in a simple to understand format, and color-coding allows teachers to immediately identify and target areas of individual difficulty. What’s more, the initial evaluation helps to create a baseline score upon which progress is measured.
  2. Individualised Approach: Students learn at their own pace which makes them feel confident and self-assured.
  3. Rewards: Student progress is rewarded as they complete fun game-like activities and unlock new games, characters and magical worlds.
  4. Strategies: The effective use of animation enables Nessy to aid memory retention of word forms and to cement important spelling rules.
“By far the best literacy program I have ever come across.”
Sandy Sloss

Key Features

  • 10 islands
  • 100 lessons
  • 1000+ worksheets
  • 45 animated strategies
  • Learn prefixes and suffixes
  • Mnemonic spelling strategies
  • Sets learning objectives
  • Easy to use
“The children are still chanting Nessy as they go down the hall.”
Debbie Munn
Trusted Credentials
  • Developed at the Bristol Dyslexia Centre
  • Used in 10,000 schools worldwide
  • Winner of the Education Resources Award
  • Has proven results
“My son is loving Nessy. He stays so focused I have to prise him away from it.” Natalie
Nessy Reading and Spelling is….
  • Highly motivating
  • Rebuilds self-confidence
  • Improves reading, spelling and writing
  • Structured into 100 systematic, cumulative lessons
  • Guides children through the program
  • Develops phonemic awareness
  • Offers animated strategies that explain the rules of English
  • Has 1000s of printable worksheets and card games
  • Includes fun mnemonic memory strategies to improve spelling
  • Is game-based to keep children engaged
  • Provides activities to encourage fluency, vocabulary and comprehension
  • Is evidence based Click Here to learn more
“Love, love ,love Nessy!”
Penny Ockleston
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