Repeating Year Levels Or Changing Schools

Deciding whether your child with learning difficulties should repeat a school year or not
can be extremely stressful for parents. This eBook will help you and it’s yours for FREE!

Repeating Year Levels Or Changing Schools: Free eBook
How to decide if your child should repeat a year or change schools

A Free Downloadable eBook – Discover everything there is to know about repeating a year level and changing schools!

The day a teacher or principal tells us that our child would benefit from repeating a year at school can be extremely stressful. All sorts of thoughts and feeling will swirl through our heads, sorrow, guilt, regret, anger, defeat; the list is endless. Does this mean our child has failed and will continue to fail throughout their lives? Perhaps you have become so concerned about your child’s academic progress, that you are even thinking about suggesting that they repeat a year to your school. Before you become too emotional and confused about this issue, it is important to know the facts, understand the potential drawbacks and benefits and consider your child’s individual needs.

This free eBook is dedicated entirely to explaining the process of repeating a year or ‘staying down’ as some people will call it. It also goes into great detail to discuss the process of changing schools, a regular occurrence for many children with learning difficulties whose needs are not being met by their current school.

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How to decide if your child should repeat a year level or change schools: Free eBook

If you are worried about your child or student’s academic progress and you are considering that they repeat a year or change schools, then this is a great place to start. There are many considerations with the most important being this question – Will any change I make directly benefit my child’s educational and life outcomes? You must make this decision for yourself because as a parent or a guardian of a child, you will be responsible for the long-term ramifications of it. This eBook has been designed as a guide to assist you in the decision making process.

Whether you are considering your child repeating a year or a change of schools and want to conduct some research, this is sure to be an eBook that you turn to again and again. Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE!

In this eBook you will find topics including….

  • To repeat or not to repeat
  • Times when it may be more appropriate to repeat
  • How to choose the right school for your child
  • How to find out if a school is the right one for your child
  • What to consider when you visit a school
    And a bonus list of questions including:
  • 39 Questions to ask a school headmaster when you are choosing a school for your child or considering a change to a new one

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Repeating Year Levels Or Changing schools
How to decide if your child should repeat a year or change schools

When you have a child with a learning difficulty it is extremely important
to do your research and understand fully all the options that are
available to them within the education system.

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This ebook is a culmination of years of research, in particular working with and helping 1,000’s of families with dyslexia, making this a very practical book. It will help you to take control of your future and provides strategies you can use straight away.

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