Should I Label My Child?

“As parents and the primary carers of our children we know them best. We know what motivates them, what scares them, what inspires them and most importantly how to show them love and respect. The issue of whether to tell our child they are dyslexic or not, is not at critical as what we do about it”

Should I label My Child? FREE EBOOK
My child has been labeled with dyslexia. Should I tell them and label them?

The thought of giving a child a label of a specific learning disability like dyslexia can cause us distress. Why can’t it just be called a ‘learning difficulty’ or a ‘learning difference’? Well, in some countries in the world it is. Imagine calling Virgin entrepreneur, Richard Branson disabled or referring to actor Keira Knightely or basketball star Michael Jordan as disabled. It doesn’t seem right does it?

When we think of the word ‘disability’ we invariably think of a physical disability like being blind or a paraplegic. Dyslexia is often referred to as ‘the hidden disability’ because it can’t be seen with the naked eye, unless you are watching a dyslexic individual complete a cognitive task, like decoding letter symbols to read or spell.

Dyslexia is a termed a ‘learning disability’ in many counties of the world and this eBook explains why. Whether you are coming to terms with the thought of labelling your child or you want to know more about a label of dyslexia and how it can assist a child at school, this is sure to be a reference guide that you can refer to again and again. Best of all it’s absolutely FREE!

When we find out for the first time that your child is dyslexic, we feel a huge range of emotions from shock, to worry, to relief. It is what we do next that matters the most to our children.

Should I label My Child will help you to come to terms with your decision, give you advice on how to deal with a label of dyslexia and use it to your child’s advantage. Whether you make the label private or public is your personal choice.

Should I label My Child? FREE EBOOK
My child has been labeled with dyslexia. Should I tell them and label them?

Dyslexia Daily is proud to offer parents; teachers and LD specialists knowledge to assist a child who may be struggling at school due to a learning difficulty such as dyslexia.

In this eBook you will find topics including….

  • How to decide whether to label your child or not
  • How you may feel when you discover your child is dyslexic
  • Dealing with negative thoughts and feelings
  • Using your child’s diagnostic report to give you perspective
  • What you need to consider if and when you decide to talk to your child
    And as an added bonus
  • Two true stories of parents; one who decided to tell their child they were dyslexic and one who chose not to.

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Should I Label My Child?
My child has been labeled with dyslexia should I tell them and label them?

Finding the right time to tell your child they are dyslexic is important.
There are many factors to consider to ensure they see it as a way to move forward. Having a better understanding of what causes their learning difficulties can empower your child to allow for their weaknesses and embrace their strengths.
This Free eBook is our gift to you, so you can assist your
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This eBook is a culmination of years of research, in particular working with experts and helping 1,000’s of families with dyslexia, making this a very practical book. It will help you take control of your future, with strategies you can use straight away.

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