Supporting Your School Age Child

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How can I help my child with dyslexia and make their life easier at school?

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This eBook will help you to change your child’s life. It will give you a plan and numerous strategies to make your child’s school day easier and more enjoyable. Not only will your child be forever grateful, so will your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher needs your knowledge and insight into your child to help them to be more effective teachers.

Communication is the key and this eBook explains in detail how to communicate with your child, your child’s teachers and even how to talk to a problem teacher. If you’ve been on a quest to make your child’s life a happier one then we’ve got great news for you.

This free eBook is entirely dedicated to strategies you can start using today to assist this process. Whether you start right now by putting some immediate support systems in place or you use this eBook at the beginning of every school year, it is sure to be an eBook you turn to again and again. Best of all it is absolutely FREE!

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School Age Child With This Helpful eBook
Imagine a child who feels fully supported because everyone; their parents and their teachers are on the same page when it comes to understanding how they like to learn and what their learning strengths and weaknesses are. With the right information and strategies you can turn your child’s life around in as little at 3 weeks when you know how.

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“When researching to write this eBook I spoke to many teachers. Many said they were often told a child in their class had
a learning difficulty, but not what this meant or how
to provide individualised assistance to this child.”


Your child’s teacher needs you as much as you need them. Don’t’ assume that because they are a qualified teacher, they understand your child’s learning difficulty or what your child’s individual needs are. This is where you become the expert and this eBook will show you how to work closely with your child’s school to seek the best outcome for your child.

In this eBook you will find topics including….

  • Why you need to take the time to meet with your child’s teachers before every school year commences
  • Why it is critical to use email to stay in touch with your child’s teacher
  • How to repair a communication breakdown between parents, teachers and school
  • Dealing with a problem teacher
  • Why it is important to keep a log book for your child
  • Why an accurate diagnosis is critical to the support your child will receive at school
  • Legal protection for your child with dyslexia
    And bonus lists including;
  • 19 Instruction for teachers from students with dyslexia
  • 15 strategies to ensure your child with dyslexia has a good day at school

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How can I help my child with dyslexia and make their life easier at school?

Many children with dyslexia require access to remediation programs
and are entitled to modifications and accommodations, but what are they?
It is confusing for parents and many teachers find it confusing too.
This eBook will explain all these terms, giving examples, whilst explaining
why having an accurate diagnosis for your child’s learning difficulty will help
you to access the appropriate support within your education system

This Free eBook is our gift to you to get started on that journey.

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Along with your FREE copy of Supporting Your School Age Child, you’ll also receive the following resources on this website:

  • Inspiration – Access to recent research, teaching strategies, learning techniques and resources to download.
  • Interaction – Thousands of parents, teachers, learning difficulties professionals and service providers – a real community to connect with 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Convenience – Expert tips, information, events and special offers delivered to your inbox from Dyslexia Daily.
  • Opportunity – To find the answers to help you to better understand dyslexia and LD so you can better support your child or students to achieve their goals, fulfill their potential and live a happy and successful life.

This ebook is a culmination of years of research, in particular working with and helping 1,000’s of families with dyslexia, making this a very practical book. It will help you to take control of your future and provides strategies you can use straight away.

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