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Take The Dyslexia Challenge – Experience dyslexia through a series of activities? Free eBook

Knowing exactly how it feels to be dyslexic is the only way to truly understand how to best support a child with dyslexia. Easier said than done, right? You know they struggle with their schoolwork, but you’re not sure exactly how this makes them feel as they negotiate their way through the school day and their life. Sometimes I’m sure you wonder why your child or students gets easily frustrated, confused or even angry. If you would like a true taste of what it really feels like to be dyslexic. Then we’ve got great news for you.

This free eBook consists of a series of activities that will challenge you to feel dyslexic. Not only that, it focuses on a range of processing difficulties as all children with dyslexia are different and have a broad range of strengths and weaknesses. These activities will put you on the spot; cause you to feel nervous, anxious and frustrated. Sometimes you will even think, why am I even doing this activity, it seems so fruitless? Well that’s how a child with dyslexia can feel on any given day and at any given time. You will be able to view your child or student in a whole new light when you increase your knowledge and understanding of how having dyslexia is making them feel.

Understand How It Feels To Be Dyslexic With The Help Of This Useful eBook

When it comes to researching dyslexia on the internet or reading books on the topic, it is rare to find information on how it truly feels to be dyslexic. As parents and teachers we are often on the receiving end of a child’s negative behaviour caused by dyslexia, but we don’t understand first hand what is actually going on in the child’s mind to cause this behaviour in the first place. Over the years Dyslexia Daily has interviewed many individuals affected by dyslexia to get first hand accounts on how it feels to be truly dyslexic. This eBook is a culmination of that research.

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Take The Dyslexia Challenge – Experience dyslexia through a series of activities

Whether you are a parent, a teacher or an LD specialist, using this eBook to become more educated or you want to become more knowledgeable to support a particular child or student; this will be one resource that will refer to again and again to get a better understand of the needs of a child with dyslexia.

In this eBook you will find activities to challenge you including….

  • Language processing challenges
  • Mathematical processing challenges
  • Processing information challenges
  • Spatial skill and order challenges
  • Perception challenges
  • As an added bonus – Advice on how parents can determine the type of adult their child with dyslexia will become.

Along with your FREE copy of How To Get A Dyslexia Diagnosis, you’ll also receive the following resources on this website:

  • Inspiration – Access to recent research, teaching strategies, learning techniques and resources to download.
  • Interaction – Thousands of parents, teachers, learning difficulties professionals and service providers – a real community to connect with 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Convenience – Expert tips, information, events and special offers delivered to your inbox from Dyslexia Daily.
  • Opportunity – To find the answers to help you to better understand dyslexia and LD so you can better support your child or students to achieve their goals, fulfill their potential and live a happy and successful life.

This ebook is a culmination of years of research, in particular working with and helping 1,000’s of families with dyslexia, making this a very practical book. It will help you to take control of your future and provides advice and information that you can use straight away.

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