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February 2016

“I have only been using this curriculum for 1 month, but I am already seeing a difference in my reluctant, late. reader (boy, 9 years old). His confidence has really blossomed and he seems a lot more excited about reading and is even tempting to spell more often. He really loves seeing his score immediately, and brags to his sister (who is also using ttrs) when his grade is higher!”
KellyP, Parent

This is a very straightforward program. No bells and whistles. For that reason, I think, my daughter is quite dedicated to it. She says, “Mom, it’s not a game. I’m really learning here!” We are in early days, but she does seem to be benefiting from the practice with spelling. Also, she loves the British accent! We would recommend this to other families, especially those who are dealing with dyslexia, as my daughter is.”
Maggie Mansueto

January 2016

“My daughter is mildly dyslexic, but also has a visual processing disorder, and this program has been WONDERFUL for her! The short modules leave her feeling victorious and the colored fingers, indicating which finger to use for which letter, have been extremely helpful. I can’t recommend this program enough!”
Kimberly E, Parent

“My son truly enjoys typing with TTRS! He just started the program about a month ago. He works on it everyday for about 10 minutes-although some days he does it longer. His comfort level with typing on the computer is definitely increasing. My son’s comment-It is fun!”
Sharon, Parent

“Wow this product is fantastic, I used it over 20yrs ago at school and I’m more confident in my reading and writing…all schools should have this part of school learning”
Emma Selcuk, Parent

“When we started this program my 9 year old son who was stuck reading bob books. He is now reading at grade level after only completing the first 4 levels! I am a firm believer in this amazing program and will be getting it for my younger son when he is old enough.”
R Utley, Parent

“This has helped my 9 year old son who has dyslexia immensely with spelling and reading!”
D K Knoell, Parent

“We love this program!!… In fact, I only have one child doing the program and he has dyslexia and dysgraphia. We decided this year to begin a typing program so I figured one that helps with spelling too-win, win. So far we have been very pleased…my son really enjoys it.
S Whalen

smile emoticon

“My daughter is 12… Touch Type Read Spell has been a nice addition to her other work. It starts out very basic & then progresses as she does. It has built her confidence. I’m happy with our choice.”
K Miller, Parent

December 2015

” I can thoroughly recommend this! My son (who is dyspraxic and is dyslexic) started TTRS when he was 10 in anticipation for high school. He did really well in his end of year 7 exams in the subject he typed on a laptop provided by the school. He also, for the first time at the end of year 6 and 7 after completing TTRS – improved his maths levels in writing subjects. And his writing subjects were better than physics and chemistry. We were amazed!
Sara Murray, Parent

“The aspect of TTRS that has most impressed us has been its ability to enhance reading and spelling abilities, as well as developing faster keyboard fingers…” Read full article
Christian Mercer, North East Lancashire Dyslexia Association (NELDA)

” Love it! My dyslexic son doesn’t mind doing it at all and is already becoming a decent typist. We’ve tried all kinds of things to improve his spelling and they have all helped a little. I’m sure this will as well. Thanks!!”
Karen, Parent

“I love TTRS. I’ve tried multiple programs for my students who are 12-14 years old, many of them aren’t successful programs.(Other program) is too childish, don’t save their progress, and focus on just rote typing skills. TTRS is such a nice change. The students looked forward to typing. It kept them interested. The scores at the end created a friendly challenge between the students.”
Krystyna Pereza, Aspen Creek K-8,United States

“I’ve been using it with my 9 yr old son who is dyslexic. He has showed great improvement after 6 months of use with a 3 month summer break in there even.”
Ronda U, Parent, via Facebook

“My 10 yr old us dyslexic and uses this program. We both love it.”
Sharon A, Parent, via Facebook

November 2015

“This is a good typing program and worth the cost. Correct hand position is emphasized. Sufficient repetition is given to learn the keys. My student has dyslexia and uses an Orton-Gillingham approach for Language Arts. I was happy to see that the spelling in this typing program follows the Orton-Gillingham sequence as well, so his is working with the most simple words (CVC) as he is learning the basics of typing, and the words will increase with complexity as he gains typing skill. It makes sense. We’ve tried (Typing program), which is much less expensive, but were very disappointed with the program. It seemed that the typing exercises were redundant and didn’t actually apply to learning touch typing! TTRS, however, is a good use of our time. Highly recommended.”
Melanie McAfee, Parent, Teacher, The Language Arts Tutorial

“This program is quick and effective! My kids are learning spelling without even realizing it, and are so excited when they type sentences! We have tried other game-style programs, and they were just “eh”. This isn’t a fancy video game, it’s an effective and FUN learning tool! As a previous classroom educator and now homeschool mom, I am very impressed. Would certainly recommend.”
B Gail, Parent

“My daughter has trouble with reading and transposing letters. She gets overwhelmed and has little confidence. I bought the TTRS system in hopes that it would help her. She loves it! She is learning to type and her spelling is improving as well as her reading. She enjoys doing the “class” and loves the applause that she receives when she has accomplished something. This was a great find and purchase!”
Julie W, Parent

“I purchased Touch Type Read Spell for teenage son with dyslexia and
dysgraphia. It is now a part of his daily homework routine. My son has asked for an adult typing course (not an animated “baby” one). It really helps with not looking at the keys and you can see immediately how well you are doing. It is an essential component for high school and we will continue to use it. I would and do recommend it to friends, family and those who ask how to support students with dyslexia.”
Rhonda Vernay, Parent

October 2015

TTRS. My son is 8 and he is doing great. The program really has made learning to type properly easy. He is getting a great boost with his spelling and reading. We want to continue with it for some time to come. Thanks.”
Melanie D, Parent

“I wanted a typing program that was easy to use, engaging, and something my 3 middle school age children would like. TTRS is all of those things and more! The kids enjoy the program and are learning typing skills at their own pace. I can track their progress easily, and love that there is no fluff. Finding a typing program that was not more for early elementary kids, with goofy characters or games was difficult, but this program keeps the kids asking to do another lesson without all that. I love that their spelling skills are kept sharp and reinforced, too.”
Jen L, Parent

” I stumbled upon TTRS while I was looking for a typing program for my 9 year old son. I was intrigued by the idea that this program does more than just teach typing, but also helps with reading and spelling. I wanted my son to learn to type because the physical part of writing is hard for him, but he also has some issues that make reading and spelling difficult for him so I was further intrigued by the acclaims this program has received from those with learning difficulties. I was impressed by the program, but somewhat hesitant out of concern that the program would be boring for him since it is not animated as most programs are. Regardless, I ended up buying TTRS after reading numerous excellent reviews and testimonials and have been very pleased. He enjoys the lessons and the methodical repetition is great. It has without a doubt improved his reading and spelling. I actually appreciate the simplistic nature of the program and am glad to see that he doesn’t need all sort of bells and whistles to stay engaged. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking for typing instruction, especially if they could use a boost in reading & spelling.”
Joyce P, Parent

“My son who has dyslexia has been using this program for two years. It has benefited his literacy enormously, as it changed the way he thinks about spelling words. He spells much better typing than writing, but better than that he has developed a unique skillset that will serve him well into the future… typing. The multi sensory approach to literacy skill development is very clever and has been effective.”
Felicity, Parent

“This is a great touch typing programme for people who are dyslexic learners. My son can now type his work and it has also helped with his spelling. I highly recommend Kim at Trainy Days in Bromley who runs Jake’s class and we can use the programme at home too!”
Sarah B, Parent, via Facebook

September 2015

“I am a special education teacher by training and a 21 yr home educating veteran. 2 of my children have dyslexia so I have been in almost constant search of curriculum to assist with this learning style. This program meets several needs for my students. It gives them some independence where in many subjects they struggle with this. It reaches several sensory modalities whereas other programs I have tried do not. My son doing it right now loves it and if given the choice, it is one of the first things he will do each morning…”
Suzanne P, Parent and Teacher

“My kids love this program and usually choose this as the first thing they do for the school day! In a couple of weeks, they are already typing pretty well. I am very happy with this program!”
Suzanne P, Parent

The Touch Type Read and Spell is awesome because the hand placement is right on the screen and it shows the child (or anyone using) exactly how and where to place their fingers to type. LOVE IT! Made learning to type for my kids a whole lot easier and less frustrating with a “fun to type” program. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”
Julie A, Parent

“We have tried several other typing programs…all with great disappointments. My 13, 11, and 8 year old all love TouchbType Read and Spell! They will even ask to work on their modules!”
Leslie H, Parent

August 2015

“Touch Type Read and Spell has been a wonderful tool to help my son with typing and spelling. If you have a child with dyslexia and dysgraphia, you know how important typing skills are, and every bit of practice helps! He has gained so much confidence with his writing!”
C Bartel, Parent

“My son is a reluctant keyboarder. I’ve tried other typing instructor programs and it’s always fizzled out due to lack of interest. This had such great reviews I had to give it a try. My son now voluntarily gets online to do his lessons. Major breakthrough! He’s loving it which makes me very happy. He said it’s easy and he enjoys doing the lessons. I’m seeing his typing speed go up and his confidence rising. I’m so glad I took the plunge and ordered it..”
Rosemary S – Parent

“Really like the program. Both my boys enjoy it and can complete it without any help. Great investment!”
Beth Ferguson, Parent

May 2015

“My 9 year old is using the program now and making great progress. His 7 year old sister will start soon because she has seen his efforts. I especially like how soon the program moves from key strokes to words and sentences.”
Jan C, Parent

“My daughter is going to be 10 in a few days. She started the Touch Type Read and Spell (course) a little over a month ago and she loves it… we couldn’t have been happier with our purchase. She practices every day and it is always her idea. Its easy to use and interactive, great buy!
Nicole R, Parent

April 2015

“I am so pleased with TTRS. My son actually likes it and feels empowered by his accomplishments. He can work independently and at his own pace. I look forward to this program helping him make strides with independence despite his dyslexia.”
Mrs C3, Parent

“We have been using this since Nov 2014. We LOVE this program. It goes slowly and allows my son to have a multi sensory experience. Auditory and visual and kinestetic. I appreciate that it works on auditory as well as following a dyslexic type program He no longer complains about learning to type”
Christy C, Parent

” I ordered this program immediately after seeing it. I had been thinking about how to teach keyboarding to my ten year old son who has dyspraxia. Printing and cursive are hard and tedious for him. He enjoys the program and is so proud when he sees his scores. He needs the repetition of spelling the words also. I’m so happy that my friend sent me a link to this program.”
Mary O, Parent

March 2015

” This program is working great. We are using it for our 6 year old and he is enjoying it. He wants to “do my typing” each day. Our 4 year old daughter watches with keen interest. The way it is designed really does include reading and spelling and not just typing. ”
Deb L, Parent

” After doing some research on other typing games. We decided to give Touch Type Read and Spell a chance. It has been a great addition to my sons (7) schooling. He has an astigmatism and dyslexia, so getting him interested in anything about reading is usually a chore.So far he has really enjoyed the lessons. He likes trying to beat his last score. I like that each lesson builds off the last. And each lesson can be redone. It’s teaching him capitalization, punctuation, sentences etc. Unlike other typing games that just teach how to push the keys, this program does what it says: “touch,type,read and spell.” ”
Sarah B, Parent

” I love this product. My daughter is dyslexic and I can see an improvement in her work since starting the program.”
Kay, Parent

February 2015

” My son has been using this program for about 3 weeks. What makes this unique is it starts with vowels instead of the home row. It isn’t long before he is typing words and now sentences. The hands on the screen have reduced his need to look at the keyboard. The letters are large and presented one line at a time combined with audio “r-u-n” etc. It also offers a review of words learned that is dictated thereby encouraging learning of correct spelling. Although it is lacking games the frustration level is low so that my son is happy to do it. ”
P Davis, Parent

” My child loves it. What I love more his practicing spelling and reading all at once.”
F. Osman, Parent

” This program has gotten my child off to the best start with typing, better than several other products we have tried. He was quickly typing full words and making fewer mistakes because the program reinforces the home position very well.”
J.A, Parent

” We love this program! No games, no gimmicks but rather straight forward instructional program yet my girls still enjoy it. We chose this program since it is designed to help dyslexics learn to type as well as assists in reading and spelling. I am using this program with both my dyslexic and non-dyslexic children, ages 10 and 11. Both find the program very useful and enjoy learning keyboarding.”
Clovato, Parent

” We’ve tried several computer typing programs and one paper based one. Touch-type Read and Spell is the only program that has motivated my student. With this program, he’s practicing what he learns instead of falling back into old habits when typing outside of the program.”
Barb W, Parent

” My family absolutely loves Touch Type Read and Spell! It is exactly what we needed and more! I highly recommend this program to any one wanting to learn to type and have extra spelling practice.”
Shannon G, Parent

” The Touch-Type Read & Spell (TTRS) program is absolutely tremendous. My 13-year old right-brain learner is enjoying it and having success. We have tried and done many different typing programs over the years without a great deal of success. These lessons are super short. It seems she’s done before she even begins. That is super good, short and sweet. It doesn’t make it a drag to do. She has now completed 13 lessons and only clocked a total logged in time of 71 minutes. She started typing actual words in her second lesson and was thrilled. A voice is saying everything she is supposed to type. So she gets the visual, the audio and the tactile all together. It is a winning combination. She is excited about doing the lessons and is having success. We couldn t be more pleased with this program. I have and will continue to recommend it to as many people as possible .”
Desiree Smith, Parent

January 2015

” I was excited when we discovered Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS). We are a small, rural pre-K thru 12th grade school located on an island in Alaska. The program is easy to use with clear instructions and performance feedback. It sets a tone for all of our students. They like the program. It reinforces letter sounds for those who need, provides visual and auditory input and even students with severe attention challenges are motivated and self-directed when using the program. TTRS is a great tool to incorporate with other researched based literacy instruction to support continued student growth. I have recommended this program to others in our district and will continue to do so without hesitation. ”
Lisa Cates, Teacher

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