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Contractions Poster


Here’s one for your wall. Download and print.

Contractions are two words joined together into one. Like…..I’m used to be ‘I am', but the ‘a’ has been removed and the apostrophe is put there instead. The apostrophe tells us where letters are missing in the contraction. This fun poster using both boys and girl profiles, offers a list of all the most commonly used contractions. Students can refer to it, so they know which word to use when spelling and writing.

This poster can be printed up to standard poster size – A2. Upon Payment you will receive a receipt with a download button and you may download your poster immediately. The poster download link will also be emailed to your inbox.

Product Description

Poster created and designed by Liz Dunoon with content taken from The online video based ten minute tutoring program that teaches reading, spelling and self-confidence. ©

Multiple Download Options Upon Purchase Include:

A4 and A3 Size 449.6 kB Kb file size
Larger size 2.7 Mb file size


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