8 Essential Skills For Children to Learn How to Read And Spell

With this knowledge you can help your child with learning difficulties learn how to read and spell.

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Reading is a lot more complicated than people realise…..
According to Professor John Stein of the Dyslexia Research Trust in the UK, reading is one of the most complicated skills our brain will ever have to conquer.


Recent figures from the National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy here in Australia indicated that half of the 34 Bachelor of Education teacher courses dedicated less that 5% of their four year curriculum to the teaching of reading.

It is for these reasons that it pays dividends for students if teachers and parents have a good understanding of the reading process. Reading is a complex systematic process.

In this video you will find the steps that describe the beginning to learn to read process.

For Parents Having knowledge of these steps will enable you to be more aware of how to assist your child when they are practicing their reading and spelling.

For Teachers This video will help you to better assist those struggling readers and spellers in your class, allowing you to identify gaps in their learning and better support them with appropriate teaching strategies and remedial programs.

Knowing these 8 steps will help your child learn how to read and spell.

By Liz Dunoon
Editor: Dyslexia Daily


  1. Avatar Candy Pitt   •  

    Hi there,

    These are fantastic systematic skills to have a go at. My child is now fifteen and has worked systematically through the book ‘Toe by Toe’ by Freda Cowling, this has enabled hin to begin to understand what phonemes and syllables actually are. He began to ‘sound out words he found difficult without thinking and could often spell out and pronounce complex words that his brother (who isn’t dyslexic) struggled with. He is somewhat out of practice now which is typical of the poor working and processing memory he has. I’m going to use these 8 skills to reinforce the learning. He is yet to read a whole book which I feel, is utterly tragic. I would absolutely love to enable him feel that it could be possible.

  2. Avatar Ella   •  

    Pleasing you should think of sotnmhieg like that

  3. Avatar Ignatius   •  

    This is quite revealing. Many thanks..

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