Capital Letters – What Are They Good For?


For many people reading can be difficult and confusing – especially when they are reading large passages of text, with many sentences to digest.

The English language has many rules that need to be followed. Using ‘punctuation’ is one of them.

Punctuation is important because it ensures that the reader gets the true meaning of the text.

Here are some punctuation tips for capital letters;


Capitalization or capital letters; for instance, are used for identifying proper names of; people, places and things. They are always found at the beginning of sentences. A few capital letters together may note an acronym, (like GST for Goods and Sales Tax), which readers can sometimes confuse for words, like NSAT or USA… How would you read those words?

stop1There are also times when we need words to stand out and we use big capital letters, like in road signs, advertisements and warning signs; mainly so they can be seen clearly, even when viewed from far away.

Punctuation is an integral and necessary part of writing and reading. These visual clues are vital and help us to make sense of sentences.

Cloud 1 (2)


Capital letters are used for:

  • Days of the week
  • Months of the year
  • Street names
  • School names
  • Book titles
  • Restaurant and businesses
  • TV shows
  • Anything we deem important
  • But not the seasons of the year


Content inspired by online reading, spelling and self-confidence program, Tutorial A-3, created by Liz Dunoon

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