A tribute to a parent

Not long ago, I received the most amazing email from a mum whose son is a real live wire.

You can watch the YouTube videos of Nathan below to see what I mean.

Nathan is a past member of my program The Ten Minute Tutor and a few years ago he took up the challenge to make a video about his thoughts on the program. You can see that here. I just love it.

It seems that more recently Nathan has discovered a new found love of music. A mad, keen Bruce Springsteen fan, Nathan found the courage to stand up in front of thousands and get his groove on with none other than “The Boss” himself.

He’s a living testament to what can happen if you don’t feel limited in life because of a school learning difficulty.

Thanks to Nathan’s mum, Leane for sharing this with me. Have a look at him being interviewed on Sunrise a popular Australian breakfast television program about singing with Bruce Springsteen below.

If you are outside of Australia, you can click here to view this video
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Leane tells me that he donated all the proceeds of this interview to Oz Harvest.

More recently, I’ve received news of Nathan busking (performing live to the public) on the streets of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Nathan is a popular performer and not only that, for every dollar he earns he donates 10% to charities like the Southport Rotary Club, The Neuro Foundation and to his school’s food bank for those in need.

The world seems a better place with you living in it, Nathan. You are an inspiration young man and I feel proud that I have been able to support you on that journey, along with your incredible parents who never stopped believing in you.

Leane recently told me that parents of children who struggle at school should be congratulated for so many reasons and I agree with her.

  • By default they become amazing teachers.
  • They become messengers and beacons of hope for other parents of children who are struggling
  • They never stop believing in their child’s abilities……In fact they never stop believing in their child period.
  • They do everything they can to get the knowledge to help their child be the best they can.
  • They don’t place the blame for their child’s difficulties elsewhere.

They are just amazing parents…

If you have a child who is struggling at school, increased self-confidence is the key to seeing your child shine. A child will never learn and succeed in life unless they believe that they can. From a struggling reader and speller to a shining light of hope, Nathan is testament to that.

Note: Bruce Springsteen is dyslexic. Nathan has since met Bruce Springsteen on numerous occasions and they are now personal friends.

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