Cross-Domination survey results

This topic seemed to spark a great deal of interest amongst our audience. It appears that you don’t have to look far to find someone who is Mixed-handed or has Cross Domination.

We wanted to know which of your eyes was dominant. I wonder if the results will surprise you?

We wanted to know whether you consider yourself; a very good, good, average or poor reader.

Well, the results are in………

Would you believe that the results indicated that there was a 50:50 split in the answers?

50% of you were right eye dominant and 50% were left eye dominant, but did this have an effect on your reading ability? The answer to this question appears to be NO.

Those people who indicated that they were right eye dominant did show a bigger range of results when asked about their reading ability though.

However, the same percentage (67%) of you who are right eye dominant considered yourself to be a very good reader compared to those who are left eye dominant. Only 11% of right eye dominant people, felt they were poor readers.

See the pie charts below.

It is interesting to note that although around 80% or more of the population is right-handed, this overwhelming majority does not appear to be the case when we asked you about your dominant eye.

You should know that your dominant eye does not necessarily correlate with the hand that you write with, this would be considered simply coincidental.

The brain is a very interesting organ and as we know, it can change with practice.

When our brain is healthy and performing at its peak, the results can be amazing.

Learning more about how the brain works can help us to understand our strengths and weaknesses and how we can use them to our advantage.

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  1. Avatar Susan Round   •  

    Self perception and the subjectivity of what constitutes each category of reader (very good, good, average, poor) are big variables here. I find the results very interesting.

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