How children with school learning difficulties compensate at school

  • They develop an excellent auditory memory and remember everything they hear.
  • They have an excellent visual memory for whole words meaning they never need to decode to read and can visualise images and diagrams used in class.
  • They ask other students to help them and explain things to them.
  • They avoid being found out and take every opportunity to gain an advantage to make their life easier.
  • They never want to be labelled the dumb kid because they know in their heart of hearts, they are not dumb.
  • They work incredibly long hours at home; revising class content, rereading and rewriting notes, doing what takes other children no time at all or just 30 minutes or more.
  • They have a family member who is reteaching and assisting them at home, reading their class novels and textbooks with them.
  • They never give up because they are super smart and use their creativity and big- picture thinking to find a way to learn

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