How to get your child reading without a teacher?

If your struggling learner came to you and told you that they had taught themselves to read, would you believe them?

What if I told you I could do this for your child and that I’ve already helped over 5000 children to learn to read by themselves.

Not only that… I could guarantee they would be successful.

When bright as a button, Morgan started Grade 4 at her new school, her mum, Louise, never imagined that six months in, her child would have a behaviour problem.

Refusing to do her school work, daydreaming, shouting at the teacher and refusing to read in class.

How did we get here? Louise wondered as she drove up to the school for her third teacher meeting over Morgan’s meltdowns.

Guilt washed over Louise. Why didn’t she see this coming? How could she fix this?

Surely the teacher would help, but no, the teacher’s only suggestion was that she should make an appointment to see a child psychologist and to infer that something must be going wrong at home.

Louise knew that school was the key. She also knew that Morgan needed a solution, she was becoming anxious and angry, so she searched online and found one.

Six weeks later Morgan was a changed child. Each morning before school she grabbed her iPad and headphones and sat down at the dining table to spend 10 minutes teaching herself to read and spell. In the process, her self-confidence slowly returned.

Louise would see her smiling, giggling, sounding out words and singing along with the videos. Then after school, Morgan would spend time using toys, chalk, anything in the backyard she could find to practice her reading and spelling skills.

Here was a teaching method that Morgan was in charge of. She was getting up every day without being asked, getting stuck into it, Louise never had to remind her.

Morgan was now reading simple chapter books for pleasure, had made friends with some of the girls in her class and was about to join a basketball team.

Not only had the teacher said there had been a massive turn around in Morgan’s behaviour, but her reading levels had also jumped, and she was getting great results in the weekly spelling tests.

How did Louise do it?

What made Morgan want to take charge of her learning?

Do you need this for your son or daughter?

This learning method is only available to parents and teachers who watch the online class explaining how it works.

Watch the class here

See what other parent say here:

I’ll be honest with you, not all methods work for every child, but this one seems to work for many.

In fact, I designed it this way. Which is why I can offer a learning guarantee.

Don’t let your child continue to fall behind.

You have nothing to lose but you might just gain a happy, healthy child who loves to read and who has huge potential.

You won’t have seen anything like this in schools before and that’s why this method works, and children love it.

I left teaching because even I found school stifling.

Watch the class here

You’ll be glad you did. You might just change your child’s life.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Here’s to your child’s success.

Liz Dunoon

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