It’s really hard…

It’s really hard when your child comes home from school and explodes in frustration.

They’re yelling and screaming…

…and it’s directed at you.

Where in the heck did that come from, you wonder in shock?

“Don’t yell at me” …your scream back …and now you’re yelling too.

What about the 7 – year – old who says they would rather die than go back to school? They are digging their fingernails into the back of the couch to avoid being dragged out the door for school.

What about the 10 – year – old who says they’re sick in the tummy and won’t get out of bed


The 14 – year – old who is sitting in the back of the car, rocking in the fetal position who won’t move.

All these accounts are from emails in my inbox from parents like you.

So…. What now?

What if I told you I could help your child to overcome
their anxiety and that I’ve already helped over
5000 children to learn to read by themselves
and get their smile back?

Not only that… I can guarantee this will work.

Approximately 30% of children who start school find learning to read and spell hard.

Before long, the confusion, worry, anxiety and defiant behaviour starts.

“What’s wrong with me?” Your child will be wondering.

“Why is everybody else finding learning to read so easy?”

“I know I’m not dumb…. but I can’t seem to get this reading thing. Maybe I am stupid and I just don’t know it.”

Your child needs a solution… and fast.

Because children who fall behind, stay behind with their learning unless they receive the right support.

This means they need to be taught in a way that suits them.

Do you need a learning solution for your son or daughter?

One that they will enjoy and be happy to do?

One that only takes 10 minutes each day?

This learning method is only available to parents and teachers who watch the online class explaining how it works.

Watch the class here

See what other parent say here:

I’ll be honest with you, not all methods work for every child, but this one seems to work for many.

In fact, I designed it this way. Which is why I can offer a complete money back guarantee.

Don’t let your child continue to feel anxious and fall behind at school.

You have nothing to lose, but you might just gain a happy, healthy child who loves to read and who has huge potential.

You won’t have seen anything like this in schools before and that’s why this method works, and children love it.

I left teaching because even I found school stifling.

Watch the class here

You’ll be glad you did. You might just change your child’s life.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Here’s to your child’s success.
Liz Dunoon

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