Why kids need to fidget to learn

Everyone fidgets – hair twirling, pencil rolling or pen clicking – we all do something to stay focused, but fidgeting can drive teachers and parents mad and can also have negative effects on our children, if fidgeting becomes self destructive.

Meet Squidget. A completely silent fidget tool. It can sit snuggly in a child’s hand and you won’t even know they are fidgeting. It can also be used one handed which means children can write, read or draw with the other.

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Meet Squidget Here
This is your chance to pledge to purchase your Squidget or a set of Squidgets at a discounted price. Your pledge today, will help with funding, to get this amazing tool to full production. Silent when in use, as strong as a lego block, endorsed by professionals worldwide with a production protocol that employs people with disabilities in sheltered workshops, this is a feel good purchase.

Team Squidget came up with the only original, patent pending Cubical Focusing Solution that has been proven to work.

Squidget applied for their patent years before the current copycats even thought of imitating their invention… but it was worth the wait because Squidget is better than the noisy, low quality copies.
“Brilliant” was how the head of the Neuro-Surgical Residency program at one of the most prestigious research universities in the world described the design. He has become an invaluable member of the research and product development team.

Current medical and therapeutic clinical research concludes that fidgeting is a beneficial and effective way for individuals to:

  • Self-calm
  • Stay centered
  • Focus to begin and complete tasks.

Research tells us that fidgeting actually enhances creativity and improves focus, learning and attention span.

So Squidget uniquely transforms normal fidgeting into exceptional productivity.

Principals, Teachers, Special Education Experts, Autism & ADHD Advocates and Parents worldwide have participated in the research and more than validated the value and benefits their students experience with the Squidget.

You don’t have to decide which Squidget you want in your pledge.  At the conclusion of this Indiegogo campaign, we will reach out to each individual and you can decide which Squidget you want:

  • S.O.A.P  – our innovative ‘Squidget-On-A-Pen’
  • Original Squidget – purple cube and multi-colored options
  • Professional/Executive Squidget – brown cube with black options


The original Squidgets designed by Naomi Cher, which were
the inspiration for today’s high tech Squidget

Meet Squidget Here

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