Can you write phonetically? – Your child can

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Excerpt from The Australian Newspaper – Mother Imogen Stubbs
Whenever I do a presentation, I show my audience this paragraph from the Australian Newspaper and read it out aloud. By the time I get to the end of it, I have a lump in my throat, my eyes are filling with tears and I struggle to speak.

crowdI’m not sure what it is about these words that resonates with me so deeply, but I often go back to them and read them over. I think it’s the beauty of the words and the powerful way in which they convey the depth of despair this child feels when trying to write.

To me this is a beautiful piece of writing just the way it is.

Here is another one I use in my presentations.

handwriting 2

My audience always buzzes and excitement ripples through the room as the parents and teachers try to decipher what is written on the board.

It’s like a fun competition to see who can read it first, yet most teachers have seen this many times before, especially those who teach the younger year levels.

girl-woman-play-number-female-celebration-709836-pxhere.comSo here is my challenge to you. I want you to write me a sentence using phonetic spelling. Just as a child who is learning to write correctly spelt words, you’re going to find writing phonetically challenging. The tables have turned. Have some fun and enjoy yourself.


  1. Avatar Fay   •  

    iyum siteen ut mi desc trieen tu rit finetiklee. it is igstremle haad ad slo.

    • Avatar Liz Dunoon   •  

      Love it!

  2. Avatar Mim   •  

    Im a jyoonya primree teecha and I can rit fonticalee wiv the best ov them! I tyoota childrun arfta skool eech nit just to keep mi ritin skillz up2dayt.! hahaha! seereeuslee, it iz veree ruwording to c them lern a nyoo consept.
    mi hart braykz when I see so meny kids across ah nashun strugl wiv reedin and riting! ☹ Therz to much timm spent playin on screenz and not enuf tim runnin and jumpin in thu bacyahd!
    And kids ah stahting skool to yung! I wish perentz wud sned ther kidz to skool at fiv anda harf or evun six yerz old! in sum cuntries the kids don’t start formul educashun unt ill thay ar seben and they just az wel edyookated az us, if not betta! ok I will get of mi sope box nou!

    • Avatar Liz Dunoon   •  

      Love it!

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