Touch Type Read Spell – A multisensory online program to for people of all ages with learning difficulties & disabilities including dyslexia

2If you live overseas in the UK you may already have heard about a multisensory program called ‘Touch Type Read Spell (TTRS)’. I purchased a home user licence for my children for TTRS here in Australia and we used it nearly every day for months at a time as my children worked their way through the levels. (About 15 mins per day at most). I am most impressed with the results my children are having and importantly their teachers have started to comment on learning improvements at school. Things like; better spelling, faster reading, better comprehension and excellent computer keyboard skills.

The beauty of TTRS is the fact that it uses multisensory cues such as auditory, visual and kinaesthetic mehtods to teach typing, spelling and reading skills all at the same time. It also seems to increase processing speeds. The program is based on the content of the UK literacy program, Alpha to Omega. TTRS is a great tool for people of all ages, as long as their fingers are capable of using a Qwerty keyboard and you have access to a PC and the internet. You can also access a free trial for homes or school. You will find a link to Touch Type Read Spell on the Dyslexia Daily homepage.

This multisensory program can be used in Preschools, Primary School, Secondary Schools, Tertiary Institutions, Correctional, Facilities, Community Centres, Libraries – anywhere there are people who wish to improve their literacy and keyboarding skills.

“This program comes highly recommended. It should be in every school” Liz Dunoon


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  1. Avatar Jean   •  

    My husband is 72 and cant read he has dyslexia and cant retain what he has read 2 lines down do you have any free resources i can use please as we are pensioners in rural wa
    Thank you

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