Phew… I’m exhausted!!!

I was sitting here looking for inspiration when I realised… I’m exhausted.

I’m Liz Dunoon.

I’ve got three children, (one which I just dropped at footy training), two dogs (that need feeding), a husband, aging parents (one with dementia) and a full-time job, (which I love by the way).

It got me thinking about all the other mums and how they feel when they get to the end of their busy working day.

Our exhaustion comes from multitasking and making all the parts work together. As I said, I love my job, I get to spend every day helping other families, mums, dads, and carers when their intelligent children are affected by school learning difficulties.

Of course, having a child with a school learning difficulty has massive ramifications for families, particularly mums.

The work day is over, but now it’s time to help kids with homework and extra tutoring, to build their confidence when our children are feeling down. I remember it well. I’m now out the other side – Thank Goodness! My youngest is now 16 and she is well on her way to completing her schooling with confidence and going out into the big wide world and choosing a career of her choice.

I wonder where your children are up to, what ages they are and how your day ends?

If you have time comment below and let me know.

About six years ago our family was still on the rollercoaster with all the ups and downs that school brings when your child has a specific learning difficulty.

In my case, my children were all diagnosed with dyslexia and struggled specifically with reading and spelling.

Through the hardship that brings, I designed a method to help my children catch up at school that didn’t require me to sit next to them for hours on end tutoring them one to one.

I wanted to create a method where they could take control of their learning and learn in a way that suited them. Having confident independent children is something I have always strived for.

If this is something that’s important to you, then you might like to watch my web class about how my children caught up at school quickly using my method and how your children could do it too.

Here’s the link… and don’t worry if you run out of time, like I always do, you can register for the web class and you’ll receive an email with a link to a replay if you happen to miss it.

Just don’t forget to watch it. It will change your child’s life, I guarantee it.

Wishing you and your child every success.

Warm wishes for a good night’s sleep… so we can do it all again tomorrow.

Thumbs up to Motherhood. ? There’s nothing like it.

Liz Dunoon

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    The links to register for the free webinar don’t seem to work.

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