Do you support children with Learning difficulties?

As you can imagine as the editor of Dyslexia Daily, I receive a lot of emails. Some of those email break my heart. Today I received one such email today from a grandmother whose 14 year old granddaughter was in trouble. I don’t mean she had broken a school rule or the law or anything like that. I mean she was in trouble because she was struggling with the learning requirements at school and her anxiety and depression was getting out of control. This was a cry for help from a very worried grandmother. She wanted to know if I could put a plan in place to support her granddaughter before it was too late. I think by too late, you know what I mean.

Children who have not had their learning needs addressed in primary or elementary school, grow into teenagers who can spiral downhill very quickly. The first thing I did was to direct this grandmother to the Dyslexia Daily Service Provider Directory. This is a completely free service that I offer from my website so that grandparents, parents, teachers, anyone else who needs too, can find a service provider in their local area when they need one. This is something that I wished that I had when I first found out that my children were struggling at school and didn’t know who to turn to.


So… if you are a service provider for children, teen or adults who are experiencing learning difficulties, please go to the directory and put yourself on there. It is really easy and you might just save a child, a teen or an adult from the confusion, the frustration and the hardships that can come from having a learning difficulty.

What is The Dyslexia Daily Learning Difficulties Directory?
Who is it for?

The Dyslexia Daily Learning Difficulties Directory is a World-First.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Educators
  • Specialists
  • And other service providers
  • Anyone who is dealing with dyslexia or learning difficulties.

You can visit the directory here

It will help individuals to locate a services provider, business or organization that can offer support and assistance.


The aim of this directory is to make the task of locating, researching and selecting a learning difficulties service provider as quick and easy as possible. I created this directory because this is what I wished I had when I first discovered my children were struggling at school. This worldwide learning difficulties directory is a free service to all members of Dyslexia Daily. It uses Google maps and can locate service providers worldwide. Please spread the word to tell others about it.

You can do that by Clicking Here

Best wishes

Liz Dunoon
Editor of Dyslexia Daily

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