To repeat or not to repeat?

This week we are asking parents all about their experiences and challenges when it comes to having a child who is struggling to learn at school and may need to repeat a school year.

This may be because…

You as the parent, think it is the right
course of action for your child


It may be because your school thinks your child would
benefit from repeating a school year.

We asked you 4 questions.

Here is the link to the questions. We will collate your answers and let you know what other parents are doing and have done over the years next week.

Please answer Yes or No to our 4 quick questions. It will only take 10 seconds of your time.

If you would like to watch the original video where I talk about this topic. Click here to watch it on Facebook or here to view it on YouTube.

On it, you will learn what to consider if you are thinking of repeating a child, and the times in a child’s life when it may be more appropriate to repeat a year at school. There can be pro and cons for both repeating and deciding not to and I cover that too.

Wishing you and your child every success.
Kind regards

Liz Dunoon


  1. Avatar Lorraine   •  

    This survey didn’t really cover the issues I would use to determine whether or not to have my child repeat a year. As a mother of eleven and stepmom of eleven more, I have some experience. I believe every child is individual and should be looked at as such, that being said, I will very very seldom think a child should repeat a year. The only time I have accepted my child repeating a year was when he was repeating Kindergarten, and his friends were all younger than he was so he wasn’t really leaving his social group. He greatly benefited from another year of kindergarten. His younger sister however, struggled even worse, but we won’t allow her to repeat a year. She would be devastated to leave her friends, and I don’t believe another year will improve her memory or learning capacity. She has an obvious learning disability that will have to be managed all the way through school. Holding her back will only hurt her self esteem and make her feel stupid.

    • Avatar Liz Dunoon   •  

      Hi Lorraine, I gave lots of info on the live video I filmed on this topic ( see the links above) and if you go to the homepage of Dyslexia Daily you will also find a free eBook on this very topic that will answer your questions. Re the reluctance to repeat your children, I agree with you. It should be only if very necessary. Kind regards Liz D

  2. Avatar Lib   •  

    I say it is to continue in a year level rather than repeat as that is what it should be

    • Avatar Liz Dunoon   •  

      Hi Lib, Thanks for your feedback. Kind regards Liz

  3. Avatar Marjorie-Rose Neal   •  

    If a child needs to repeat it is imperative that it NOT be in the same school.

    Not a parent but former educator with depth of experience

    • Avatar Liz Dunoon   •  

      This is certainly a good tip. Thanks Majorie. It can certainly help to remove the stigma of having to repeat if a child starts fresh in a new school and being a teacher you would certainly be aware of the impact on children of repeating. Kind regards Liz

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