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“The hints help me remember how to spell words. I like getting the monthly bonuses. I have a lot more confidence answering questions in class. I have been enjoying my learning a lot more. I love science and TTMT has helped get better marks in science. I think the program is great and it is fun. The best bit is it is only 10 minutes a day.

Remember, failure is only a bruise not a tattoo. TTMT is awesome!”

Alice’s Story

Alice is a bright and bubbly 11-year-old, Grade 6 student who lives in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia. She hasn’t had much help in the past with her schoolwork and always found learning new concepts hard. After being on The Ten Minute Tutor she now enjoys learning a lot more. She is remembering how to spell tricky words and is getting better marks in her favourite subject, Science. Alice looks forward to getting the monthly bonus gifts that come with The Ten Minute Tutor and you can see how well she is reading by watching her video.

About Alice

  • I haven’t had much help in the past.
  • I have a tutor, but she only helps with homework and assessment tasks.
  • I have always found learning new concept difficult.

What Alice thinks about The Ten Minute Tutor

  • The Ten Minute Tutor is fun.
  • I like listening to the stories about people.
  • I complete the program at home on the family computer.
  • The hints help me to remember how to spell tricky words.
  • I enjoy getting the monthly bonus gifts.
  • I now have more confidence answering questions in class.
  • I am enjoying learning a lot more.
  • I love Science and TTMT helped me to get better marks in my favourite subject.
  • It’s a fun program and the best bit is, it only takes 10 minutes a day’

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