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Cain’s Story

Cain is a passionate young man who has dyslexia. Over the years he has spent a lot of time using websites, books and programs to try and improve his literacy skills….. But he thinks that The Ten Minute Tutor is the best. He really enjoys the variety of literature, singing activities and inspirational interviews and he says they make him feel 10 times better. He is so excited because his reading and spelling have improved out of sight. After being well below all the other kids in his class, after only six months he is catching up fast. Cain loves the fact that he can express his ideas now and understands what he is capable of. So far he is only done half of the program and he enjoys it so much he does two or three or four video tutorials in one sitting. The future is looking very bright for Cain. You can watch his video here.

Why I like The Ten Minute Tutor

  • The Ten Minute Tutor is the best website.
  • It is not just videos, there’s literature and singing.
  • The best videos are definitely the inspirational videos. They make you feel ten times better.
  • My reading has improved by so much.
  • People are saying that my reading and writing is so much better and my spelling has improved too. I know I can express my ideas. I know what I can do and it is really good to be able to do that.
  • I have been on 100’s of different websites and used 100’s of different learning books, but this one is the best by a mile, some of those other websites were good, but this one is ten times better.
  • I struggle at school. I’ve got dyslexia. I used to be well below the other kids at school and now I’m only a little bit below and I haven’t even finished The
  • Ten Minute Tutor yet. I’m only half way through.

Cain’s quotable quote

“When I do the videos, I don’t just want to do one. I want to do two, or three, or four. I just want to keep on going. I just feel so much better doing The Ten Minute Tutor. Thanks for watching my video.”

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