Can You Develop Dyslexia?


1Can you develop dyslexia is a question many people have?

In short ‘NO’ you can’t!
You either have it or you don’t!

There are two main types of dyslexia that can affect an individual’s literacy skills.

‘Trauma dyslexia’ also known as ‘acquired dyslexia’ usually occurs after some form of brain trauma or injury to the area of the brain that controls reading and writing. It is rare to see this in a younger child unless they have suffered a brain injury.

A second type of dyslexia is referred to as ‘developmental dyslexia.’2

An individual is born with this type of dyslexia. Researchers tell us that developmental dyslexia is passed on in families through genes. In other words, it’s hereditary. Researchers will also tell us that it found more often in boys than in girls.

It is important to understand here, that even though dyslexia is thought to be hereditary, just like eye colour and hair colour, it may not be present in every generation. In some families that fact that dyslexia has been inherited is obvious. Other families will report that it has skipped a generation or moved sideways from an aunt or uncle to a niece or nephew.

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