1. Avatar Andrew Magee   •  

    Great Poster thank you very much

  2. Avatar milly gandy   •  

    Going straight up on the wall in my son’s bedroom – school tests in next 2 weeks …

  3. Avatar Julie Selman   •  

    I have tears in my eyes. As i know the struggles all to well. My son is a Sophmore in High School and goes through the very same issues. Its so great to see that hes not alone and your letter is an inspiration to all of the very lucky people touched by Dyslexia!
    Jules Selman

  4. Avatar Chantal   •  

    Which one is the biggest poster size? TIA.

    • Avatar Liz Dunoon   •  

      A2 is standard wall poster size Chantal.

  5. Avatar Sheila Belcher   •  

    Love this!

  6. Avatar faiza kamran   •  

    great poster and very informative and strong site really u people are doing a great job for everyone whether facing the same issue or having interest in the same field.

    • Avatar Liz Dunoon   •  

      Thank you Faiza

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