Recommended Reading For Parents and Teachers


Reading is a great way to build our knowledge in order to help others and we are pleased to be able to promote these books. I recommend that you always try to borrow the book you are seeking from the library before you make a purchase. Some books become invaluable and then you can buy them.

You can conduct research using Internet booksellers and sometimes even read pages and reviews. You can then purchase the book from a retail bookshop or the Internet. Not all Internet booksellers charge for postage and handling. It pays to do your research.

The books listed below are full of amazing information, recommended resources, programs, learning and teaching strategies, aids and recommended websites.




Helping Children With Dyslexia
21 Super Strategies To Ensure Your Child’s Success At School
By Liz Dunoon
I wrote this simple and easy to read book complete with an audioMP3, DVD to help parents and teachers understand that with the right support children with dyslexia can succeed at school and in life.
Liz Dunoon, Editor Dyslexia Daily



Overcoming Dyslexia
A New and Complete Science Based Program For Reading Problems At Any Level
By Sally Shaywitz, M.D.
This book is an incredible resource. I implore all parents to read it. It explains dyslexia, how to teach children with it and recommends numerous scientifically based reading programs and related resources. It also describes how dyslexia can be overcome.

The Secret Life Of The Dyslexic Child
A Practical Guide For Parents and Educators
By Robert Frank PH.D.
A wonderful book written by a dyslexic who describes how it feels to be dyslexic in amazing detail.

The facts, Second Edition
By Mark Selikowitz
A great all round resource which provides a good overview of dyslexia.

The Dyslexia Checklist
A Practical Reference For Parents and Teachers
By Sandra F. Rief and Judith M.Stern
A great book, well set out, and easy to read filled with excellent practical advice and resources.

2The Everything Parent’s Guide To Children With Dyslexia
All You Need To Ensure Your Child’s Success
By Abigail Marshall
A great book written by a parent full of information for parents and teachers.

The Brain That Changes Itself
Stories of Personal Triumph From The Frontiers Of Brain Science
By Norman Doidge, M.D.
This book changed my outlook on my life, my brain and my children. It also made me realise that dyslexia can be overcome.

More great book recommendation to come…

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