Technology – Why Your Child Needs it

Yes the time has come…

At some point you have to accept that your child needs technology to advance their learning.

A necessary evil?

If used irresponsibly, it can have negative effects, but…
…for learning, it needs to be embraced.

Reading, spelling and writing are vital areas where the “right” technology can help a child’s school development.

Let’s face it…

Their school results should be a reflection of what they know, not how well they can read, write and spell.

ipad-1126136_1920Technology is everywhere. It is used by students and business executives every day.

Not just to assist with literacy skills, but to speed up work rates.

Why spend hours typing an essay when you can speak it and your computer will type it for you?

Why spend hours slowly and accurately decoding text to read a class novel when your ebook reader can read it to you?

The truth is…

There comes a time in every child’s life where the benefits of using learning technology is far greater than the hours it will take to master perfect reading, writing and spelling skills.

Don’t get me wrong; I understand that every child needs to be able to read, write and spell.

It’s just that as they get older their learning difficulties should not hinder their ability to get their schoolwork done.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Many schools have access to funding for assistive computer technology for students with LD. Ask what’s available.
  2. kids4‘Text to speech’ technology reads the text off the computer to you.
  3. ‘Speech to text’ allows your computer to transfer your spoken voice to written text on your computer screen. For example on the latest Mac computers there is a feature where you can just push the ‘fn’ (function) key and start talking and it will automatically type your words for you.
  4. lscribe2Digital pens like ‘Livescribe’, allow for selective note taking on electronic paper whilst recording an audio at the same time, which can be played back later on.
  5. Mobile phones and tablets enable a
    visual and audio record of schoolwork for future reference.
    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg….

There are also thousands of fantastic apps.

Technology is here to stay and it will become more widely used by everyone.

Here’s a great way to start…

In The Ten Minute Tutor Program we will show your child how to use assistive computer technology…


Your child will have two industry ICT specialists giving demos and talking about what’s possible in schools today.

Kids of today are quick when it comes to learning how to use assistive technology that’s for sure.

The smartest decision is to ensure your child has access to all the available technology they need to help them through school…. and out the other side smiling.

And that’s the objective we want for your child when they start The Ten Minute Tutor Program.

Wishing you and your child every success.

Kind regards

Liz Dunoon

P.S. Feel free to pass this message on to anyone you truly care about who could benefit from our breakthrough program.

P.P.S. What software have you used to help your child or student. Leave a comment and share your experience with others

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