What is your child’s Super-Power? Your Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer the survey asking about your child’s Super-Power.

It is clear from the results that while some children may struggle with some aspects of their learning, they do in fact have their own super-powers.

While every child is different, it is obvious from the results that creative strengths is by far the largest group of super-powers. Coming in second is the visual strengths closely followed by personality strengths.

Physical strength is the next largest group, with mental strengths and auditory strengths following in that order.

The other thing to note here is that many of you told us that your child has more than one super-power, based on the responses and the results graph.

Here are some of your comment below about your amazing children.

“Using imagination to write and tell stories with elaborate plots, complex characters and fabulous vocabulary (notwithstanding spelling challenges!) Artwork (very detailed) including illustrations for the books. Empathising.”

“Even at the age of 13 he still does a lot of imaginary play by himself with huge battles going on in his head. He re-enacts battle scenes and acts out his part. He sees it in his mind like a 3D video. He would be good at those historical re-enactments or fake sword fighting (not fencing – too formal). I’m trying to find an avenue for this acting talent. He also is an amazing chef and has been making seafood meals, pavlovas from scratch, all kinds of sweets and “high teas” for years, and also watching entire seasons of Masterchef.”

“Art – any medium but especially loves painting and pastels. Does not like step by step instructions though, she much prefers to spontaneously create and come up with her own ideas. Minecraft – can build anything. Figured out herself how to build working showers, roller coasters etc. LEGO – was building by herself at the 8-12yr level at age 5. Swimming – Fastest of the 50 kids at the school in year 5. (School goes up to year 8). Athletics – usually in the top 3 for long distance, high jump, long jump. Skiing – advanced for her age. Surfing – persistent at practising until she could do it. Very observant and good memory for visual information ie. points out when characters in books and movies have changed small details, clothes, hair props, etc. in the same scene; Remembers what paper a gift was wrapped in that she gave 2 years ago.”

Your Results Graph

When you look closer at creativity, which many parents indicated was a super-power for their child, it is important to note that creative strengths are not limited simply to drawing. It also included; making models, building a variety of things utilising different materials, visualising things in 3 dimensions, cooking, painting, creating and or writing stories or comics.

Here are some examples of your comments.

“Inventing and making things with different materials. (boxes, plastic containers, lots of sticky tape… ?) inventing stories about wild animals, and make me write them in the computer to make books. Coding and using Tux Pain to Illustrate his books (he is 7)”

“Creating things. Comes up with inventions or watches YouTube to make things like slime and things out of paper.”

Involvement in music was also a recurring theme mentioned in your children’s super-powers, as well as being caring and compassionate in personality strengths.

It is clear from these results, that many children with learning difficulties do have super-powers. What is interesting, is that although these super-powers can be categorised under six headings, they are just as unique as the children themselves. Not only that, many children have more than one super-power and are not limited to one super-power category.

This means that children can be both creative and have physical super-powers or have a visual strength and a creative strength.

When a child struggles with learning, it is important to focus on what they are good at to help them to identify their super-power.

“Using your child’s super-powers to help them to define themselves positively and increase their self-confidence is a great way to help them shine.”

Wow! All I can say is wow! – You all have amazing kids.

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