You Are Not Alone

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who took the time to email or comment about your number one concern or worry regarding a child or a student with a school learning difficulty. Those who asked specific questions, I will answer those over the next few weeks as I cover the topics below, so stay tuned.

We have received over 100 comments with more arriving every day.

The comments we received were many and varied, and we have categorised them into 21 topics. Everything from issues with self-confidence, children not wanting to accept their learning difficulty, behavioural issues and concerns when students are moving from one class or school to another.

The two areas that received the most attention were self-confidence and a lack of adequate school support for struggling students.

Here’s a sample of some of the comments we received about Confidence.

“My biggest worry is my daughter’s self-esteem around the limitations her dyslexia imposes on her work ability. She has a staggeringly high IQ but her autism and dyslexia (seemingly common comorbidities) mean she is ‘underachieving’ in the eyes of academia.”

“Currently – 16 year old with Social Isolation, disconnection, exclusion by peers 🙁

So bad that at times he doesn’t wish to live any longer. Just to reassure you – he is safe – he has a safety plan, a psychologist and is medicated.

I think the education system has broken him despite mostly kind teachers – it is still a system for round pegs in round holes, where differences aren’t readily accepted at the teenage level.”

Good Luck. Love your dedication.
Deb 🙂
“Hi, I have 3 children with dyslexia, 2 of which are at the higher end of the severity scale. I think the thing we are finding most difficult to help them with at the moment is their self-esteem and self-confidence. They have to experience so many little failures at school every day. They are constantly working for solutions and strategies to try and plough on, whilst trying to appear ‘normal’. The burden and struggle erode their self-esteem and I don’t know how to recover that for them.

Perhaps you have some tips.”

Many thanks


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Here’s a sample of some comments about a Lack of School Support. We received comments from both parents and teachers asking for help.

“YES I’m a parent of a child with learning difficulties and right now, what I’m having problems with is the teacher who is in the co-teaching class room is not a Special ed teacher and does not have experience with all the different learning styles. The school district just keeps pushing me off.”

“My biggest concern is my boy’s confidence and self-esteem. Learning is hard enough for them but the social pressure is worse. How can they make it through a school system that is not willing to help and still stay positive?”

“I’m a beginning teacher of Year 1 and 2. Kids reverse their numbers and letters, but some can’t seem to see the difference. Persistence doesn’t change it. There’s not enough help in a class of 22 to teach cursive or focus on handwriting continuing on to story writing.”

The information you have provided to us is vital for two reasons; one because it tells me what you need to know more about to support and advocate for your child and students, and secondly, it is important for you to realise that you are not alone. Right now, at this very moment in time, there are hundreds of parents and teachers all around the world supporting children with learning difficulties and dyslexia and are coming up against constant issues and barriers. This, in turn, causes us fear and worry as we try to navigate the system and do the best for those children and students in our care.

It is my passion to provide you with all the information you need.

So take a look at the graph and you’ll see all the areas that parents and teachers have asked for more information about.

Stay tuned as I cover all of these topics and more in future videos, blog posts, posters and more… and if you know other parents and teachers who would benefit from this type of information, please share this article and our resources with them.

More information can be found at our hub website Dyslexia Daily, on our Facebook page, on YouTube, and Instagram, and if you would like me to specifically cover a topic, please send an email to and let me know.

Kind regards,
Liz Dunoon


  1. Avatar Traci. Workman   •  

    I am 58 now I would like to say that I will be 59 in July . I grew up in a rule farming community. I am the adult child of an alcoholic parent. I agree that when a child has Dyslexia it is hard for everyone. I had been failing school I was 12 when I was test for dyslexia. I went for a summer to a class that basically was taught how to read . I could not memorize the times tables. I am a massage therapist if it had not been for a very supportive staff in the training facility I may not have completed. There were a few people who thaught I was not going to complete the program.

    I have been practicing for 18 yrs.
    I know that every thing has a factor in a child’s life for success even if they are not impaired in any way. I know that if I had not had all the support I had I would not be here where I am today ?

  2. Avatar Liz Dunoon   •  

    Hi Traci, Wow what a story. It sounds like you really have had some ups and downs during your home, education and working life. I bet you are super resilient now and a great listener too. It should never have to be this hard and you have been through a lot. I’m so glad you have succeeded in your chosen professions and feel like you had some great supporters. Liz D

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