Your Child’s 3+ Favourite Activities – Your Survey Results

From these results it looks as though your children will be busy having fun this holiday season.

Thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy end of year schedule, to respond to our survey.

It’s fabulous to see the wide variety of answers we received. A large number of children it seems, enjoy being indoor watching movies, Christmas shows or playing computer games.

However, there were far more children who enjoy being outdoors doing a variety of activities.

These activities include playing sports, swimming, hanging out at the beach, skiing and snow play, bike riding or skateboarding, camping, 4 wheel driving or enjoying day trips to various places.

Other activities that were also popular were cooking or baking Christmas treats and colouring or doing crafting activities.

In the miscellaneous group there was also a variety of activities that show every child has their own unique personal interests.

The results of the survey are shown in the graph below and indicate all the responses received which have been summarised into larger categories.

A number of people indicated that during this time, their children like to catch up with friends and family, probably doing the many activities shown in the graph above.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season and again
thank you for all your responses.

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