amelia 2
Appin, New South Wales, Australia

About Amelia

Amelia is a primary school students from Appin, a small historic town on the south eastern outskirts of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. She was finding reading hard, so her family decided to try her on The Ten Minute Tutor. After using the program for a few months she has now improved and has moved up two reading levels at school. She enjoys doing the multi-sensory spelling activities because they help her to remember how to spell tricky words. She also enjoys the quizzes after each tutorial because there is no pressure. You can watch her video here.

I like The Ten Minute Tutor because…

  • I have been doing it for a year now and it has helped me a lot.
  • I have gone up a couple of levels in reading at school.
  • The activities on the program are really helpful.
  • I enjoyed using the shaving cream on the table to practice my spelling words.
  • There’s no pressure because there are only 4 questions at the end of each tutorial and you don’t get timed.
  • It was so helpful last year, so this year I am going to keep going with it because it really helps me.
  • I enjoy the Read-alongs and the Sing-alongs.
  • These are all the reasons I like The Ten Minute Tutor.
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