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“The Ten Minute Tutor is short it fun. It has helped me realized why I have been struggling at school and I might take longer to do stuff than others, but never give up.”

Bailey’s Story

Bailey is a well spoken young man. In Grade 2 at school, he is seven years old and lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Bailey finds reading and spelling hard. In fact, it was making his head hurt and as a result he didn’t want to go to school. Then his mum found The Ten Minute Tutor and now they do the program together on Bailey’s iPad. It was whilst doing The Ten Minute Tutor and learning about visual processing difficulties that Bailey and his mum realised that his eyes weren’t working properly because they weren’t delivering accurate images of text to his brain when he was learning to read and spell and copying writing from the board. Now Bailey has had his eyes checked by a visual processing specialist and he has been prescribed with blue tinted glasses to help rectify this issue. Now he is starting to enjoy school more because he understands that it’s okay to take your time and to never give up. You can watch Bailey’s video below.

About Bailey

  • I find reading and spelling hard at school. It hurts my head after a while.
  • I find it hard to copy off the board.
  • My mum found The Ten Minute Tutor and we do it together on my Ipad.
  • We realised my eyes weren’t working properly, so we decided to get my vision checked and I needed glasses, special blue tinted ones.

Why I like The Ten Minute Tutor

  • It’s short and there’s lots of different activities, not just reading, writing and spelling.
  • I learnt from The Ten Minute Tutor that it’s OK to take my time.
  • Something special happened recently. I watched the ​​​​​​​Darren Obah interview. A couple of weeks later I went to a monster truck show and he was there and he told me to, “never give up”.
  • I don’t really like going to school because it is hard for me, but since doing The Ten Minute Tutor, I now know ways to tell my teacher how to help me.
  • I have now been diagnosed with dyslexia.

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