My son was suicidal in Grade 2, unable to read at 11 – What now? asks mum


My son was suicidal in Grade 2, unable
to read at 11 – What now? asks mum
A FAQ answered by Liz Dunoon

Hi Liz,
I need your help. My son is 11 years old. He is severely dyslexic. I pulled him out of 2nd grade because he had become suicidal at the thought of not being able to read. Over the years he has had constant instruction from me, I am a teacher and from my mother too, she is also a teacher. He still can’t read. He now wants to go back to school in the fall and I don’t know what to do. How do I send him to junior high when he still can’t read? What should I do? Help!

Hi there,

Two things straight away to get him ready quickly. Watch this webinar and get him reading using this method straight away. This is what the method is – Go to this website and see what other parents and children are saying about it. There are videos down the right-hand side of this page that you can watch, plus a sample video of the program as well. The webinar explains how this program works and also offers a 50% discount on the website price.

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Next go here and get this program Use the discount code DD101 to get a 10% discount. If you do these two things and make sure he does as much of each of these program as he can each day without mentally fatiguing, he will be ready for school before you know it. You will have to help him to get started, but at 11 once he learns to navigate the sites and do the quizzes built into the program he will be able to do them on his own. You can monitor him from within the program in the parent and teacher portals, where you can track his progress and results.


If you need some additional help with Math – use this program Again use the discount code. This time it is Daily10 for a 10% discount. I am certainly not a maths guru, but Prof. Steve Chinn is and he created this amazing series of short videos to help kids catch up in Math quickly.

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Let me know how he goes.

Tell him from me that he can do it – he just has to be motivated and have a go.

Kindest regards

Liz Dunoon

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