What were your favourite years at school?

□ Was it Primary, Elementary or Junior School?

□ Was it Secondary or Senior School?

□ Was it your TAFE, College or University?

□ It was none of these. I was homeschooled.

□ It was none of these. I couldn’t wait to leave and

get a job?

Some people describe their junior school year as the best years of their life. Junior school can be inclusive and supportive. Lifelong friendships are formed and consistency is part of the structure with only one main teacher for the year and the same group of peers throughout.

Secondary school is where some of us feel truly independent. We can choose our own subjects, take up sport, art, music or performing art. We can spend time with peers of our choice and there is a range of teachers to learn from which is more flexible depending on the subjects we choose.

Some of us have the best time at TAFE, College or University. There is learning support offered through a specialised department. We engage with likeminded people, we can come and go as we please and are treated as adults. Not to mention the socialising and partying we get to do in and around our study.

If you were homeschooled, choose this option. Homeschooling is on the rise for all sorts of reasons; the main one being, school wasn’t working for us.

School can be a really difficult time for many of us with the school years being remembered as a painful, demoralising waste of time. It is when some of us leave school that our true colours begin to shine. We get to choose our own path and are not held back with constant tests, exams and learning things we have no interest in. It is outside school you have truly shone.

There are pros and cons for every level of school we attend. Let us know what your school years (if any) you preferred. If you would, I would love to know why too. We will reveal the results next week.

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